Welcome to my Website!

I will begin with some simple information about me. My name is Ian and I'm 14 years old, almost 15. I enjoy anime and manga, true crime, nature, comic books, drawing, baking, and playing videogames. I like to learn new things. I like to consider myself friendly and fun to hang out with, but that's not really for me to say lol.


I really enjoy fictional worlds and characters, and I know this is cringe, but honestly cringe culture is dead so here is my kinlist!

I also really like Yuugo from the promised Neverland but I don't kin him

I also have many original characters.

More Facts About Me

I like sports sometimes, I'm bi, and I do art stuff. I want to change the world but I'm still figuring that out. whatever. Oh also if you have any good xbox game recomendations DM me because I like videogames a lot and now that I beat Skyrim and I'm stuck on everything else there isn't much for me to play aha. My sense of humour is irony/post-irony mostly.

My Music

I really like music and I actually play bass guitar. I listen to vocaloid, some popular music like Radiohead and Bjork, and some more indie stuff like Hjaltalin, Emiliana Torrini, Bedroom, Crywank, and Gusgus. I also like Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, and many other bands like Soda Stereo and My Chemical Romance and Leathermouth and Frank Iero And The Future Violents. Honestly my music taste is all over the place anyways here is a picture of Fukase, one of my favourite vocaloids